Following the Right Path

The success of our investment strategy has been cultivated with our collective experience gained working in finance. In essence, we focus our professional expertise on those instruments and markets that we know best. Nest Capital conduct in depth analysis of both the issuers and the markets, making comparisons, defining trends and formulating various trading strategies.

Conscientious and largely mechanical risk management forms an integral part of our work and is based on a deep sense of responsibility to our clients and our own professional reputation.


We deliver what we promise. We maintain the utmost confidentiality in all dealings with our clients. We endeavor to be a trusted advisor to our clients. We build our client relationships on a foundation of trust and integrity.


Nest Capital are in the business of helping our clients to improve their profit and business profile. We aspire to the same values that we foster in our clients. We use the tools and processes that we advocate to our clients. If we promise something, we deliver it.

Customer Focus

Nest Capital primary goal is to improve the performance of our clients’ investments. A ‘customer-first’ mentality pervades everything we do. We focus on attention to detail, speed and results. We are keen to measure our success by the success of our client’s investments.


We are always available and accessible to our clients. Nest-cap approach is to be responsive and proactive. We respect our client‘s time and seek to deliver value in all interactions.

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